About The Maker Co-op

Hello! We appreciate you taking a moment to visit our site — we hope that you're happy you did. We love what we do, and we're excited about the possibility of sharing our work with you and the world.

As a group of individuals making handmade, artisan goods in Austin, Texas, we have unique talents and style. Together as a group, we can offer a fresh variety of quality products. If you or your company is interested in working with us in some way — a special event, "shop local" section in your store, a pop-up shop event, and of course, wholesale.

Have another idea? We would love to hear it! You can contact us as a group or specific makers with the info on this page — whatever you think would be a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Maker Co-op
Everyone on this page*
All products listed here*
hello [at] themakercoop.com

AK Woodworking & Design
Amanda Mckeever & Khiem Nguyen
Woodworking & Handmade Goods
info [at] akwoodanddesign.com

Fair Morning Blue
Tracy Castro
Stationery & Paper Goods
tracy [at] fairmorningblue.com

Little Low Studio
Caitlin McClain
Stationery & Paper Goods
info [at] littlelow.com

Little Minnow Designs
Lizzi Bradley + Mary Bradley
Screen-printed Goods
littleminnow [at] littleminnowdesigns.com

Bright Beam Goods
Kristen von Minden + Eve Trester-Wilson
Lasercut Goods
hello [at] brightbeamgoods.com

Misha Blaise Design
Misha Maynerick Blaise
Prints & Original Art
misha [at] mishablaisedesign.com

Monorail Studio
Daniella Valerio + Sandrine Molnar
Printed Posters & Apparel
info [at] monorailstudio.com

Poppy & Fern
Rachel Pruett
Hand-embroidered Goods
rachel [at] poppyandfern.com

Satchel & Sage
Morgana + Gerren Lamson
Printed Goods & Textiles
scout [at] scoutandhonour.com

Scout & Honour
Lizzi + Mary Bradley
Home Goods & Accessories
hello [at] satchelandsage.com

Son of a Sailor:
Jewelry & Supply Co.
Jessica Tata + William Knopp
Jewelry & Accessories
hi.there [at] sonofasailorjewelry.com